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About Us
  • Soham foundry Tools is engaged in Design & manufacturing of Foundry tooling for Tractor & Automotive division - Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Gear box Housing & Turbine Housing.
  • We are supplying pattern for -High pressure moulding fully automatic line KW, GF, Dishamatic & Core Boxes for fully automatic line Loramani & Hansburg with pick and place robo gripper fixture.
  • Proto type Casting Development as per customer requirement.
  • Our product is manufacturing Through CAD,CAM & Reverse Engineering.
  • Inspection of Tooling By white light scanning & CMM.
Design & Manufacturer, Supplier of
  • High pressure Moulding line Tooling (GF,KW) with fully automated Loramendi & Hans burg Core making machine.
  • Robots Gripper open & closed type.
  • Core Transfer fixture.
  • Averaging fixture.
  • Prototype Casting Development of small parts.
  • Casting fin Trimming Die.
  • Manufacturing SPM of core drilling , Oil Filling & Shock absorber Shaft Centre drill machine.
  • Manufacturing of Precision Jigs and Fixtures.
  • All type of Horizontal Boring ,Critical Machining Works & Assembly.